This is Our Story!

Mother Daughter Son Enterprises was created in 2008. We are a family oriented business providing marketing and advertising for a variety of clientele. We desired a more personalized face to face experience and consequently Mother Daughter Transportation & Concierge was born in 2016. Our Hallmark is to introduce a whole new "flavor" to the hospitality industry. Through life's challenges we aspire to create something that will assist others on their journey, making a positive impact on those we serve. We Support "The Cause" and will continue to build this legacy for our Family and Friends.

Owner/Founder  Tara  "Rainbow Brite"
Owner/Founder Tara "Rainbow Brite"

I am a 35 year young mom of 7 amazing children. I have followed my entrepreneurial path through sales, marketing, customer service and hospitality, helping others with kindness, courtesy and compassion. I worked as a courier for many years and have learned the value of treating people with respect and reverence. In 2010, my life journey traveled to a dark place when I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. My vision for the future was drastically altered and I channeled that despair into creating something life affirming, with my best friend, "my mom."  I embraced *FAITH* to persevere my dream of helping others and provide for my family. My vision is to leave *footprints* wherever I go.

We bring a whole new flavor to this industry❤
We bring a whole new flavor to this industry❤

Maureen is the Inspiration behind the 'Mother~Daughter' concept and our greatest supporter for this Legacy. She is the ❤ Love ❤ Heart and ❤ Faith "Behind the scenes." From the time you "meet" her on the phone to your safe delivery - You are in Good Hands! 

We provide 24/7 Private Transportation Services for any occasion or event. We are not just a transportation service but a concierge-on-the-go. Our drivers provide upscale customer service on a different level and make sure to meet all accommodations

We are now FEATURED on over 100 Different Websites as well as ALL the Top Directories with a


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